We work to support the rights of our residents and provide the same standards of living as others in the community.


 Weiblinger's Residential Care    provides adults throughout the North  and South Hills with clean, safe and  affordable living conditions.  


Our residents health and well being is a top priority. As a result, we ensure that all staff receives quality health and emergency training. 

Dedicated to providing safe and reliable transportation

  • Scheduled Appointments:

​              It is very important that each resident gets to their appointment safely and on time

  • Social Events:

​              Whether its a planned event or spur of the moment, we are happy to provide transportation to and from whatever event our                        resident may want to attend. In an area full of things to do, never worry about a ride!

  • Day Program/Work:

​              There is nothing worse than car trouble in the morning! No need to worry we will always be able to provide a ride to and                              from day programs

  • New Individuals:  

             We also provide transportation for new individuals who may come from different parts of the state. By land or by air we want                       to ensure that everything is as smooth as possible when transitioning from one area to another.

  • Vacations:

​             Want to take a vacation? Worried about a ride? Not a problem. We provide transportation to and from for whenever that urge                  to do something out of the ordinary may set in. 

  • Reliability:

               Each of our vehicles are safe and reasonable cars or vans. They are well maintained and monitored closely, All vehicles are                     operated by licensed drivers whose number one goal is safety. 

  • Reputation:

​                All of our vehicles are purchased from a reputable dealership to ensure that each one is up to a certain standard. These                           vehicles are also serviced and inspected yearly from the dealership.