Bill Milligan

Program/Compliance Director

  • Bill joined the Weiblinger's Residential Care team in March of 2016. Bill has over 15 years experience working with children and adults in the field of Intellectual Disability, including six years as a Planning Specialist/Multi-System Point Person with Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Office of Intellectual Disability. Bill also serves on the Board of Directors for two non-profit organizations and sits in an elected seat on his local borough council. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Counseling/Psychology and a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership. Bill, his wife and two children reside in Beaver County, PA. 

Delores Martin

Medical Quality Management Director

  • Delores joined Weiblinger's Residential Care in 2008 as Medical Quality Management Director. She obtained her Nursing License from the Pittsburgh Board of Education and began working as a private duty nurse for a number of high profile attorneys. She then worked as a floor and charge nurse for Allegheny County; working in one of the counties long term care facilities. She held this position for 18 years before coming on board. She brings a deep knowledge of First Aid, including CPR instruction, Certified Medication Training, and also holds credentials as a Certified Investigator. Delores enjoys spending time with her 4 grandchildren as well as making fine art from another persons 'junk' .

Our dedicated Administrative staff work diligently each day to provide those we serve with quality living conditions, trustworthy and hardworking staff, and financial stability all within the vision of the company.

Michael Weiblinger

Vice President/Founder

  • Mike began his decorated career by first serving the country in the early 1970's. Mike joined the military where he obtained schooling on his way to becoming a Signal Corps Engineer, in addition to training for AIT in 11Bravo. He brings to his company a set of skills which cannot be replaced. With a vast knowledge in engineering and building, Mike enjoys to work with his hands, often being referred to as the "where to go to guy" being a jack of all trades and master of anything he touches. Mike too has a strong faith in the church and has worked with teens in the AWANA program for many years teaching the word of God. His hobbies include spending time with his grandchildren, re-storing homes, fixing things labeled as 'unfixable' as well as art etching with gold leaf. He and his wife Dottie of 44 years currently reside in Butler County. 

Philip Anselmino

Chief Financial Officer

  • Phil joined Weiblinger's Residential Care in April 2012 as Senior Accountant and brings knowledge and experience in the areas of finance, compliance, and strategic planning to the position of CFO. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Saint Vincent College and a masters of Accountancy from the University of Scranton. Phil spent four years working in fiscal positions for human services organizations, including directly with the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) and two years with WRC as senior accountant before being promoted.  Phil, his wife, and four children reside in Westmoreland County.

Rick Rubin

Human Resources Director

  • Rick joined Weiblinger's Residential Care in March of 2010 as Director of Human Resources. He brings experience in the ares of recruitment, benefits, human resource data bases and also knowledge of human resource law.  Rick earned his Bachelor of Science in Human Resources and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Point Park University. He has worked in the field of human resources holding various positions over the past 20 years. Rick, his wife, his daughter and grandson reside in Monroeville.


We work to support the rights of our residents and provide the same standards of living as others in the community.


 Weiblinger's Residential Care    provides adults throughout the North  and South Hills with clean, safe and  affordable living conditions.  


Our residents health and well being is a top priority. As a result, we ensure that all staff receives quality health and emergency training. 

Dottie Weiblinger


  • Dottie first began serving the Intellectual Developmental Disabled (ID) on Oct, 1 1975, when she opened her home as a Domestic Care provider to a 43 year old resident who would spend his remaining 28 years with Dottie and her family. She obtained her Nursing License in 1982 through the Pittsburgh Board of Education and went on to get her degree in 1988. Using this knowledge, Dottie developed a medication cross reference system that has been wide spread throughout the medical community. This process helps to lessen the risk of patients overdosing on medications that are prescribed both in generic and brand name. Today, Dottie uses her experience in the medical field, family values, and strong sense of faith in the church to provide quality care for members of the (ID) community. She enjoys spending as much time as she can with her family, especially her 7 grandchildren, along with singing and playing the piano.