At WRC we work to ensure that each of our Residents have a firm grasp on their financial Situation:

  • Monitoring Funds:
      - Our goal is to provide each resident with confident and stable funds management practices by tracking purchases made and             backing them with receipts.
      - Their funds are monitored on a weekly basis to ensure that their is no misuse of funds, and also to ensure that inventory lists are       kept current.

  • Rep Payee:
      - WRC does not offer a Rep Payee service in house but does work very closely with a number of reputable third party Rep Payee        services to oversee spending of each resident and help them with weekly and monthly budgets. 
     - Whether our residents use one of our two advised Rep Payee services (The Advocacy Alliance, RPS) or a Rep Payee of their            choice, we always pursue close relationships with those involved.

  • Purchasing:
    - We work to understand the specific needs of each of our residents along with the types of funds they have available when making     any purchase large or small.
    - All major purchases and activities that our residents embark in are made by our Financial team in conjunction with their Rep               Payee, generally paid for upfront by WRC. 

  • Social Security:
    - Each Resident recieves with SSA (Social Security Award) or SSI (Social Security Income) which determines the amount of benefit       they receive, these letters are kept on file and up to date. 

Our Financial team works to understand each resident we serve and in turn       provide him or her with their own specific financial guidance


We work to support the rights of our residents and provide the same standards of living as others in the community.


 Weiblinger's Residential Care    provides adults throughout the North  and South Hills with clean, safe and  affordable living conditions.  


Our residents health and well being is a top priority. As a result, we ensure that all staff receives quality health and emergency training.