We work to support the rights of our residents and provide the same standards of living as others in the community.


 Weiblinger's Residential Care    provides adults throughout the North  and South Hills with clean, safe and  affordable living conditions.  


Our residents health and well being is a top priority. As a result, we ensure that all staff receives quality health and emergency training. 

WRC is an equal opportunity employer and is determined to ensure that no applicant or employee receives lesser treatment based on age, gender, religion, belief, sexual orientation, race, marital status, or any other condition which cannot be shown as justifiable

If interested in applying:

  • ​Please fill out the form to the right and include both the position you are applying for and your availability as well as attaching a copy of your resume. You may also inquire within by calling during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9:00 AM -5:00 PM).

    ​Phone: 412.221.9200

      FAX:  412.221.9322

Full/Part time Direct Care Positions:

  • Part Time:
       -Staff are given up to 32 hours a week and are asked to fill       in as needed by the schedule.

  • Full Time:
       -Staff are required to work 40 hours a week and are                  offered a comprehensive benefits package and other            incentives