Weiblinger's Residential Care    provides adults throughout the North  and South Hills with clean, safe and  affordable living conditions.  


Our residents health and well being is a top priority. As a result, we ensure that all staff receives quality health and emergency training. 

To Grow and develop lasting relationships that stretch far beyond the bounds of residential provider.

Our Vision:

Providing quality care since 1975

Providing a positive, supportive, and respectful environment tailored to the specific needs of each individual while diligently working to provide each resident healthy and safe living conditions with quality staff.

Our Story:


We work to support the rights of our residents and provide the same standards of living as others in the community.

The Foundation:

  • Founded in 1975 WRC is built around family. The expectation we ask of our employees is to treat each as a family member, while staying focused on the task at hand.  We work as a team with inside and outside members and aim toward helping our residents work toward self-determination and control over the decisions each makes. 

The Early Years:

  • In 1997 the company purchased a second home to grow their blended family through respite care for Intellectual and Developmentally Disabled (IDD) individuals. In time, such good rapport had developed that families requested we consider residential care, stating it would give them "peace of mind" knowing their loved one was in our care; and so, in 2002 the birth of Weiblinger's Residential Care, Inc (WRC) officially began!

The Company Today:

  • Today, we have a total of 23 licensed sites and 33 residents and growing; all residing  in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Many of our residents are dual diagnosed and behaviorally challenged. Our 'extended family' includes over 130 employees and increasing as we continue to grow as a whole. At WRC we understand that each person we serve is unique and we do our best to understand individual wants and needs.

Our Mission: